How to Order

This is our easy to use system, if you need to view the images in a larger size just click on them.


Step 1:select your product(s)  by choosing  your desired size and  clicking on add to cart.



Step 2: Go to your cart the easiest way to do this is to hover over the shopping bag in the top right hand corner and click on the  view cart go to checkoutscreencapture-kirwancraft-ie (1)


Step 3: once you have reviewed your purchase(S) click on the proceed to checkout button. Then enter all your details  and remembering to include the inscription and/or verse for your chosen product, click on the proceed to paypal button and make your payment safely and securely via paypal.If in Ireland for now please use 00000 as post code.



Step 4:  when your order has being confirmed go back to the site and click on my account to upload the picture(S) for your order (Alternatively you can click on the link in the email you will receive)via our file uploader. this is located beside your order and is named on upload and select the image required. Images must be .jpg or .PNG.

 screencapture-kirwancraft-ie (3)